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What if we show you how to get an MLS® laser, help your patients AND grow your practice?

Many practitioners know that laser therapy works. Our OncoLaser system works so well because

  1. the laser is world class.
  2. the treatments are unique, and evidence based.
  3. patients get better faster AND love the results AND tell anyone they know undergoing cancer treatment.

Want to learn more?

By becoming an OncoLaser™ Certified Practitioner you gain access to:

Evidence based best practice

Latest technology and laser

Easy to follow implementation process

Partnership overview

Australia is leading the way in implementing practical clinical applications using evidence-based protocols in conjunction with focused research in supportive cancer care.

There is a unique opportunity for you and your Healthcare Group to lead the way using innovative, supportive cancer treatment and research.

Seven reasons to join OncoLaser™

OncoLaser™ can help you in the following ways:

  1. Become practice of choice for post cancer patients.
  2. Provide innovative clinical treatment.
  3. Provide the latest technology to patients.
  4. Use evidence-based protocols for patients.
  5. Provide safe, non-invasive, pain-free, non-opioid treatment options with no negative side effects.
  6. Attract referring partners looking for results.
  7. Lead the way in supportive cancer care research and treatments.

Want to find out more about OncoLaser™

Join us at our next webinar:

Thursday February 15th 2024 at 6:30pm

Join experienced practitioner, laser therapy specialist and clinical educator, and OncoLaser™  founder Kate Perkins from Cancer Rehab and Lymphatic Solutions, as she talks about treating post cancer patients with MLS® laser therapy. 

This session is hosted by Dr Catherine Norton and will show you how the new system using MLS® laser can help you:

  • Change the recovery process for cancer patients,
  • Help patients plan their post cancer treatment,
  • Help patients get better faster using evidence based protocols, and
  • Grow your business.

Places are limited, register now to receive your Zoom link.

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